About Us


Fahz V Allen, designer, and owner of the brand DOMIAIR was introduced to the realm of fashion at a early age by his mother and grandmother who were seamstress. Born in New York City Fahz V Allen credits the many cultural exposures to his driving force as an artist.

While growing up in New York Fahz V Allen always took notice how the many different cultures embedded into his environment beautifully blended when it came to fashion.

At the age of 20 years old he decided to create and release his own collection.


DOMIAIR is defined by a modern and sleek design, expressed in a glamorous way. We pride ourselves on using many fabrics such as viscose, french terry cotton, and premium leather.

The clothes capture the essence of the customer and are timeless, regardless of the latest trends.

Finding the balance between modern and classic, unstructured and tailored, the label focuses on drawing a thin line between formal and comfortability


To create clothes that can be worn during the day as well as in the evening. By wearing our garments you instantly attain a glamorous and luxurious look.

Fashion is timeless and a form of art and expression of inner value and style. Our clients are confident internally and utilize our garments to display this attribute.


Our clothes are designed and crafted with the one goal of the buyer looking their best. The buyer does not only want to attend the show but steal the show while wearing our garments. We ensure this by three principles.

  • Elegant and clear style
  • Quality product
  • Fair pricing


The label's vision is to be seen as the thriving force of the innovation of high fashion. A well-respected and established brand on the international fashion scene by having a broad sales network.

The brand people choose for the most cherish-able moments and work to acquire the understanding that they exemplify the values of the brand.